The Magic of Success

Derren Brown with fingers crossed

Derren Brown is a Master of controlling our perception of reality.

We see the World through our own very unique “experience” lens. We don’t see reality as it is. We only see our perception of the reality. Magicians are experts at managing our perception and thus our sense of what’s real.

For instance, the Amazing Derren Brown, started his career practicing his magician skills at a restaurant. He would approach customers at a table with a card in his hand and would ask a lady:

“What’s your favorite card?”

If she said “The Queen of Hearts” he would turn his card and give her the Queen of Hearts.

For that person this experience would be close to a miracle. Why is that? Not only because that person wanted to believe that IT IS possible for Derren to do such things, but also because she is seeing that experience through her own unique and limited view of the World.

For instance, she might not be aware that Derren tried that trick with EVERY other table in the restaurant and failed! Of course that when someone replied “The Ace of Spades”, Derren just casually inserts the card inside his deck of cards and asked: “So, do you want to see a card trick with the Ace of Spades?”. Again, that person wasn’t aware that the card that he was initially holding was relevant at all.

Here’s Derren doing what he does best: influencing our behavior using psychology, misdirection and showmanship:

How is this related to business and success?

Successful people aren’t magicians. The only special thing about them is that they practice and do the simple principles of Success EVERYDAY. This means that YOU and ME are no different than them! Just like the latest Ziglar’s book “Born to Win” says: “We are born winners. But to be a winner we must plan and prepare to win. Only then we can expect to win!”.

So don’t be fooled by thinking that success comes overnight or that everyone else has already achieved what you want to achieve… It’s takes time, effort and discipline to achieve, sustain and enjoy success.

Here’s three examples of three highly successful people:

  • Zig Ziglar was 45 years old when his first best-seller book “See you at the top” was published
  • Ken Blanchard started his own company at age 40
  • Harvey Mackay’s best seller “Swim with the sharks – without being alive” was published at age 56, 29 years after starting his own company

And what about you?

Can you share your own story about the magic of success? See you in the comments!