How You score vs. Your Ego

How you look at your score shows how you look at Life

This post was inspired by Steve Gutzlers “What Matters Most: How are you Keeping Score?“.

Score-keeping and EGO issues are, in my leadership point of view, the most important things people need to understand and it’s also the reason why the World is in such a mess…

Why do we see self-serving leaders viciously protecting their company position, their power/status and the amount of digits in their bank account? Because it’s their score keeping!
And if this “if-you-win-I-lose” mentality wasn’t dangerous enough, add to the fact that ego-driven people attach who they are with their score keeping! In this way they believe that who they are is a function of how much money they make, their power/status and their position inside their company…
Like Ken Blanchard says: “that’s exactly the definition of self-worth that the Devil wanted you to believe in!”

Servant leaders understand that there’s nothing inherently wrong about making money or about power and status. What’s wrong is if you think that’s who you are!
While self-serving leaders believe they OWN everything, servant leaders believe that everything is on a LOAN.

What do we own? Nothing. Except our souls: that’s where you store who you love and who loves you.

For me, that’s the meaning of Life: sharing Love with one another and make this World a better place. That’s my score keeping: the number of lives that I, even in a small way, influenced for the better.

Before I finish, I just wanted to share a story that John Ortberg wrote on his book about this called “When the Game Is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box”. It’s a wonderful story about a grandmother and her grandson.

His grandmother was a vicious monopoly player that every time she played with her grandson the kid ended up with nothing! She always ended the game saying: “John… one day… you’ll know how to play the game.”

One summer John decided that it was the last time his grandmother won. He played monopoly every day and even trained with a kid that was a great monopoly player.

One Sunday morning, her mother dropped by to visit his parents. As soon as he saw her, John asked: “How about a monopoly game?”. Her eyes lighted-up and she said: “let’s go John”. But he was ready this time.

At the end of the game, John had everything in his side and his grandmother had nothing. He had wiped her out of the game. He said it was the greatest day of his Life!

But his grandmother had one more thing to teach him. She said: “John, now that you know how to play the game, let me teach you a lesson about Life. At the end of the game… it all goes back in the box”.

And isn’t it the same thing with Life?

Share you voice! How do you keep score?