How can I make a difference?

It’s easy to make a difference. You just have to be yourself.


What’s more difficult is to make a meaningful difference. [Tweet this]

A meaningful difference is about serving a worthwhile purpose that goes well beyond our EGO. It’s about changing the World.

Make it MASSIVE!

Have you ever heard of that story about this restaurant that served good food and that had a good service? Of course not, because we don’t talk about “good”. Today, good isn’t enough to start a conversation. To spread an idea. If you want to make a real difference, you can’t settle for good! [Tweet this]

Whatever your idea is, you have to make sure that it will deliver a MASSIVE change to the people you’re serving!

How can you do this as an Online Dreampreneur?

  • Deliver MASSIVE results to your audience by giving what they need and desire through your Products and Services!
  • Solve a MASSIVE problem or challenge that they were facing for a long time (the longer the better)!


This means that they’re not going to wait forever for you to give them a MEANINGFUL and MASSIVE change to their lives… Like Guy Kawasaki said (in a recent hangout about his book): “the World as ADD (attention-deficit-disorder)!”. If you’re not the one who’s going to make a difference in their lives, someone else will.

Will you allow that to happen?

They are also expecting that this new thing that you’re going to give them, will enable them to get that MEANINGFUL and MASSIVE change NOW! Not next week or the next months – NOW! [Tweet this]

How can you do this?

Make sure that you help them see the results they’re getting in the present moment. Guide them to see how much more they’ll achieve in the future!

But before you go…

I would LOVE to know what are your ideas to deliver an IMMEDIATE, MASSIVE and MEANINGFUL difference in other people’s live! Share them bellow!

P.S: The featured picture of this post is from the “Klout for Good” website where you can help make an IMMEDIATE, MASSIVE and MEANINGFUL difference to the children of Haiti!

Go to “Klout for Good” to learn more about how you can help!

Guy Kawasaki APE Strategies on How to Publish a Book

Yesterday, Guy Kawasaki did a Google+ Hangout on Air with Martin Shervington talking about  his latest book “APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to publish a book“.

Guy Kawasaki’s latest book APE teaches Online Dreampreneurs how to publish a book!

Having worked as a Chief Software Evangelist for Apple (in a time when there was zero software for the Machintosh), having written and published 12 books (2 self-published) and his background as a Venture Capitalist – it’s safe to say that Guy knows “a thing or two” about what it takes to be a successful Online Dreampreneur!

While I highly recommend that you watch the recording of the session, the goal of this post is to save you 1 hour and 17 minutes of your time and give you the best strategies on how to publish a book that worked wonderfully well for Guy – and that YOU (and I of course) can use on your own efforts to publish a book!

To self-publish or not

The biggest disadvantage of self-publishing a book is that you have to do EVERYTHING yourself!

“What do you mean? Is there anything more to it other than writing a great book?”

YES! What you just described is just the “A” part of “APE” which stands for “Author”. Yes – you have to write the book but that’s just 1 of the 3 things you need to master to successfully publish a book! Guy says that it’s “time to burst the bubble” of that romantic idea where you write it and they’ll will come.

Self-publishing is more time consuming and it will demand more from you but that comes with the territory.

On the other hand, having to do everything by yourself gives you more control! If you’re incredible passionate about details and you love to be involved on the creative process, self-publishing can be a tremendous advantage for you!

Self-publishing gives you more freedom to choose who you want to do business with. It also gives you the ability to get better margins.

Another great thing about self-publishing is the incredible low time-to-market: “from the time we got the book from the copy-editor, and approve those changes, to the time it was available for sale on Amazon, it was about 6 days – 4 of those 6 days we were waiting to publish it because it was too early!“.

Guy’s advice for Newbies

Publishing a book is a great way to prove your worth! “You prove it by having a following and with sales results” that not only will potentially lead you to get a business deal with a traditional published but also (and perhaps more importantly) it will put you on the map!

But please… PLEASE! Make sure “you have something VALUABLE to say! Don’t just write a book just because it’s good for your business. That’s a poor reason. If you’re just a mediocre person and you believe that publishing a book will make you less mediocre and land you some gigs… YOU’LL FAIL”!
I go even a step further by thinking about how I can make an IMMEDIATE, MASSIVE and MEANINGFUL difference in the lives of those I serve!

Above all else, and on this part Guy is absolutely HILARIOUS, “Don’t be Joe Schmoe“!

Make sure you also have a 30 second pitch about what the book is about and why should we care about it!

The World has ADD. Use it!

Guy says that the World (and specially the Online world) has Attention Deficit Disorder. People will look at your headline for (last time I checked) 9 seconds.

When you’re working on the title of your book, Guy recommends you to:

  • create a rhythm of three
  • create a word (early in the alphabet, so when people make lists about your topic/niche “guess who will appear first”)
  • make it a verb (so people can say something like – “Hey! I APED my book!”)

Unleash the power of the Internet

The Internet enables you to leverage the power of connection between people who care about each other. Here’s how Guy used this to ignite his book success:

“After working 2 months on on the outline of my book:

  • I created a Google Doc with the outline
  • Sent it to my ‘5 million friends’ and said that I would love for them to register so they could review and comment my outline
  • 250 registered to do this
  • 60 replied with comments and reviews

Then, I worked for one more month on the outline based on the incredible feedback I’ve got.”

But it doesn’t end here.

“When I had the final version of the book in PDF I sent it to my friends that helped me on the reviewing process.” Guess why this was so important?

On the day the book was published I already had an incredible number of people who already read the book, felt like they were part of the writing process and were ready to review it just 5 minutes after being published! I had to call Amazon before so they knew this wasn’t a scam!”

Here’s some links for Print-on-Demand mentioned by Guy:

On my own research I’ve came across Lulu – but I haven’t used any of these services.
P.S: Now, because you’re still reading this here’s a really cool Kawasaki moment to enchant you: The Physicist and the Chauffeur

What about you?

Are you planning to write a book? Was this review helpful? Leave a comment bellow with your own strategies and experiences about publishing a book!

If you believe that this review was helpful, remember to share it using the buttons bellow!

What do I want from me?

In times of desperation and frustration it’s easy to yell: “What do YOU want from me?

The tricky part here is know who you’re addressing in the first place. Do you know who you’re serving?

The problem with the question “What do YOU want from me” is that it places the responsibility in the shoulders of those you are serving. Do you really want to give the power over your destiny to the hands of others?

What would happen if first you asked what you want from yourself?

See, if you’re only competing with others you can only grow as far as they do. But when you’re competing with the best you can become, what happens to your competition? It becomes irrelevant! Stop comparing yourself and start improving yourself.

Next you can go on and ask:

What are the standards that you want to live by?

Where are you going?

What are you going to do there?

Why is it worth to go there?

Why is up to you?

Can you reach that destination alone? Why? How?

Who you should MUST become to get there?

But first you need to decide what do you want to from yourself!


Leave a comment bellow as a way for you to commit yourself to a standard and as a first step to live a Life worth dying for.

Are you up for the challenge?

Who are you serving?

Besides yourself, of course.

Even the best of us started living in a self-serving way. Have you ever heard about that baby that asked “How can I help around here”? Me neither.

One of the most important leadership decisions (that I learned from Ken Blanchard) that you must make, to become the best leader you can be, is this: are you here to serve or be served? [Tweet this]

All Human-beings are wired to three fundamental things:

  • to look for meaning in everything that happens or doesn’t happen;
  • to create meaning in the World by giving all our soul into something that will outlast our life;
  • to live a meaningful Life that fulfills our purpose

The reason why we’re wired to these three things is simple: as far as we know, we’re the only living beings that have the opportunity to choose for what we’re going to live and die for!
Those three things give us a way for us to go beyond our own mortality. The moment we awake to this reality, is the moment that we start honoring each breath by living in a meaningful way.
Not knowing how many breaths you have left is what should drive you to make every one count like your Life depends on it (because it does)!

That’s why I’m passionate about helping Online Dreampreneurs.

The difference between an Entrepreneur and, what I call, a Dreampreneur is this: a Dreampreneur is serving a worthwhile Dream that is bigger than him and whose impact will outlast his Life.
Worthwhile enough to deserve all the fire of his soul.
Worthwhile enough to deserve every breath.
Worthwhile enough to serve a bigger purpose beyond his own EGO.

Every worthwhile mission is about serving others in a meaningful way. [Tweet this]

So the question still stands… Who are you serving?

My own story

When I started The Rabbit Way (4 years ago when it was just a blog) I didn’t knew exactly who I was serving. I just wanted to have a place where I could share my ideas and experience.

Then I figured it out (with the help of Jonathan Mead’s Trailblazer – now is called Paid to Exist) that I wanted to serve Dreamers! It was close enough to my purpose but still to generic for me to have a meaningful impact on their lives…

Then it turned into Dreampreneurs and now… I realize that I’m serving the Online Dreampreneurs of the World!

My point here is this: until you discover who you’re really serving, you’re serving no one. The clearer it who you’re serving, the bigger the impact you can have on their lives.

Here’s some guidelines that I learned on my own journey:

Just start somewhere to see what captures your Heart (in my case – unleashing people’s potential and inspiring them to change the World).

Find a way to make it overlap with your strengths (Software Development and People Development).

Discover who desperately needs you and why should they care about you (I equip Online Dreampreneurs with the Software they need and empower them to unleash their worthwhile Dream in the World in a meaningful way)!

Leadership as a Service

If you still reading this, then this extra bonus is for you. From the greatest example of what Leadership is: Jesus.

“When he had washed their feet and put on his outer garments and resumed his place, he said to them, “Do you understand what I have done to you?” (12) “You call me ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord,’ and rightly so, for that is what I am. (13) And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet. (14) I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you. (John 13:12-15)

Leadership is more than guiding people on a way. Leadership is more than helping people reach worthwhile goals. Leadership is about setting an example and sending a message that others can follow. [Tweet this]

Your turn!

Share with us who are you serving and how did you figured it out! Remember to share this with your friends so they can join us! [Tweet this]

What questions are worth asking?

Most people in the blogging World… Wait. Most people in the business World are rewarded if they bring answers to the table.

Business people are paid because they have the answers.

That’s what we learned in school, college, university and the latest cutting-edge MBA: to know the answers.
If you know WHAT the answer is, you’re praised. It doesn’t matter if you understand WHY that answer is THE answer or HOW that answer was born… What matters is if you know it.

However, I’m wondering if we got this all wrong.

If the question is worthless, the answer doesn’t matter. [Tweet this]

Questions that give us an opportunity to learn and grow, while we work on finding an answer them, are worth asking.

It’s the process of finding your own answers that changes who we are. Hopefully to become who you need to become to reach your worthwhile goals!

Besides, believing that my answer should be your answer too, not only is a really selfish way to think but it also undermines your opportunity to discover your own answers.

Today, the World is changing fast. Old rules are being broken. New rules are being made. Answers that used to work, don’t work anymore.

In this new World, the ones who understand how to ask questions worth asking and how to find worthwhile answers to them, will do amazing things. I’m here to help you develop this skill!

Here’s the deal

In 2012, I created a weekly post with a video to inspire you and share some new ideas and strategies that you could use to start living a Life worth dying for.

2013 will be different. Hopefully it will be better too, but above all else – different.

What’s changing?

Instead of just giving you answers, I’m going to give you good questions. Questions worth asking. Questions that lead me to become a better version of myself.

I’m going to give you one question to think about every day of the week. On the weekends, I’m going to make a video with the highlights of the week.

That’s the plan. Simple and easy to remember!

I’ll end this post (you guessed it) with a question: what questions are you trying to find the answer to?

Share your answer bellow and bring your friends for this challenge too! [Tweet this]

Like your Life depends on it

What’s the one thing that you would do EVEN if you knew that you would die for it?

The tragedy about the way most people live their Lives is that they’re not willing to die for anything. Yet, we’re ALL dying. Look around you. Every living being that you see is dying. With every breath we take we’re one step closer to our final breath.

This is some kind of taboo subject that few talk about… However, it’s HUGELY important because it will determine your ability to lead a worthwhile and meaningful life!

You’re not giving ALL you’ve got until you’re ready to give your Life for it. [Tweet this]

The real breakthrough happens when you create a Vision compelling enough and worthwhile enough to outlast your life and echo in eternity.

The moment you do that transformation it’s the moment when your competition doesn’t matter anymore. It’s the moment your fears and doubts don’t matter anymore.
Nothing will stop you because, for you, there’s no other choice that living in true and full alignment with who you are. That’s the only way your life can mean anything and make a difference in the World.

Find the one thing that you would do EVEN if you knew that you would die for it AND then go ahead and start your journey towards it!


I’m dedicating my life to help Dreampreneurs stop being slaves of someone else’s dream, so they can start living a Life worth dying for!


Is your Vision like Coffee or Chocolate?

A difference between a Vision and a worthwhile Vision can be pretty close to the difference between coffee and chocolate in the morning… Coffee makes me get out of bed but it’s the chocolate that makes it worthwhile!

Are you a Leader?

If you answered NO then allow me to ask you this:

Who’s leading your Life?

Who are you allowing to lead your Life? [Tweet this]

You should be the leader of your Life! It’s YOUR life after all…

Until when will you keep being a slave of someone else’s dream?

I can’t see a better way to start 2013 than to use it to reclaim your power over your destiny!

What’s your compelling Vision for 2013?

“I define leading at a higher level as a process of helping people achieve worthwhile results” Ken Blanchard [Tweet this]

Most people are so busy setting goals for their lives that they miss the point: Life isn’t a TODO list!

Have you ever achieved a goal before and still ended up feeling like there was something missing? A feeling that something isn’t fulfilled? I know I did.

And you know what’s not being fulfilled? Your purpose!

Achieving goals is what the science of success is all about.

Achieving worthwhile goals is what the art of fulfillment is all about.

Why is a Vision so important?

A compelling Vision gives you enough leverage and motivation for you to keep walking the path of your journey. Even when the going get’s tough.

A worthwhile Vision gives people something bigger than themselves to serve. Something more important than their Egos.

It also tells people where you’re going, why they can’t stay where they are and why they should care!

You’ll only feel fulfilled when you decide to set and achieve a compelling Vision for your life!

Goals are a great way to measure your progress on your journey! But with worthwhile goals you’ll get the results (achievement) and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing what you’re meant to do (fulfillment).

So, what’s YOUR Vision?

My Vision for my Life is to dedicate it to empowering Dreampreneurs, like YOU, start leading Life beyond goals. I want to give people something that will enable them not only to live a meaningful life, but also to create a meaningful impact in the World. An impact that will outlast their lives!

I see a tremendous opportunity for Dreampreneurs (entrepreneurs with a worthwhile dream) to connect with each other and make a difference in Life.

But what about you?

What’s your Vision for 2013?

I’m looking forward to know all about it in the comments bellow!

Three Steps to Live your Dreams


Stop if you’re in an hypnotic trance state of just reading whatever comes your way, in attempt to escape just for a minute from the fact that you hate what you’re doing… or to fool yourself into believing that reading this will make a difference…

READING THIS WON’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Taking ACTION is the only thing that can make a difference in your Life!

The question is: are you ready for it?

If you are, WELCOME and let’s start this post. If you’re not, just hit the back button and continue browsing.

This isn’t going to be the usual post you find on the web or even on

I want to make this post a more interactive and fun experience! Why would we have to wait to fulfill our Dream to be happy and have fun?! The secret to Life is to enjoy the journey! Besides you’ll remember more about it if you’re involved with it.

To do this you’ll need: 1 pen and 1 piece of paper.

Got those? Fantastic! Let’s start with a question.

What if you were only three steps away of living a Life worth dying for?

For now, it doesn’t matter if you’re ready to believe that you are just three steps away from your Dream… Just imagine, for the moment, that you are… Feel free to close your eyes to imagine this idea…

What difference would THAT make in YOU? What would change?

What about in your Life? How different would it be?

Write your thoughts down so you can review them later.

Done? Great!

Second question.

What’s keeping you from BELIEVING that you really are three steps away from starting living a Life worth dying for?

Think about it for a second…

While you’re thinking about your answer, also consider this: it’s not a matter of Belief but a matter of being beady.

You have to be ready to give-up ALL excuses.
Life is simple. People just make it more difficult than it is to have an excuse for not being where they want to be. An excuse for not being who they feel, deep down in their souls, that they’re born to be.

You have to be ready to face ALL your fears. Everyone who achieved anything worthwhile in Life had fears. The same fears you and I have! They just believed MORE in themselves than in their fears. That’s what Courage is.
It’s not about being fearless. It’s about being more afraid of what Life would look like if you don’t start your journey, than ALL your other fears combined.

So… What’s keeping you from accepting the fact that YOU ARE three steps away from your Dream?

Be honest to yourself because only you can see what you’re writing on the paper you have with you. Lying is terrible but the worst possible person you can lie to is yourself.

Write those doubts and fears down.

Got it? Great job!
You’re ahead of most people by now and I didn’t even shared the three steps yet! The reason why I didn’t shared them yet is simple: if you don’t believe first, that it can be done and that YOU can do it, nothing else matters…
The major reason why most people aren’t living a Life worth dying for is because they say “When I SEE it, I’ll BELIEVE it!”. And it’s the other way around. If you don’t believe it, you’ll never see it.

So, do you believe? Write down that you believe this and why, please!

Now that you believe, it’s time for me to give you the three steps.

Step 1: Know what you want from Life

Use your paper again and write down what you want from Life. What would it look like to live a Life worth dying for?

Life won’t give you what you want until YOU know what you want. [Tweet this] It really is that simple. Doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

However, there’s two things you must know to master this first step:

The first thing you need to know is that Life won’t give you what you want until you’re ready for it. [Tweet this]

Until you become ready, Life will keep giving you what you need. And if you didn’t notice this before, Life is a tough teacher: she will keep repeating the same test until you learn the lesson!

The second thing is to understand that this is a two-way process. Everything in the Universe is attracted to balance. Life will ask for something of equal or greater value than the one you’re asking for.

Write what you’re willing to give back to Life and be ready to start giving.

Step 2: Know WHY you want it

Some people are living in a competition that they even don’t know the reason why they sign-up! They’re just doing what everyone else is doing, because that’s the safest path right? It is, if you want to achieve what the majority of people achieve.
However, if you’re looking for something more (and if you’re still reading this, I believe you do), you have to think if that will help you reach faster the goal you set on your previous step!

Knowing your WHY is what will enable you to go beyond what anyone else could thought possible. It’s your fuel! It’s the thing that will remind you why this is a MUST for you, to be on this journey.

Don’t let fear of disappointment keep you from setting a compelling Vision! You need it if you want to walk towards it! [Tweet this]

Write down your BIG WHY!

Step 3: Give ALL you’ve got!

Giving all you’ve got doesn’t mean to try it and see what happens. If you try it, I’ll tell what you happens: nothing! So, whatever you do, don’t try!
You try when you think you “should” do it. You DO IT when you believe you HAVE to do it! And that’s what makes all the difference!

Do you believe that you’re already giving ALL you’ve got?

That’s REALLY great!

I just have one question: are you ready to DIE for it?

If your answer is NO, then you’re not giving all you’ve got. Not until you’re willing to give your Life for it. [Tweet this]

If you feel that what you’ve written on step one isn’t worth your Life, just rewrite it! Life is too precious to waste living for something that doesn’t deserve it. That’s why I help people stop being slaves of someone else’s dream! Besides, if God loves you enough to give you the talents you need to fulfill your dreams, why wouldn’t you follow them? If God is on your side, who can be against you?

Making the decision to dedicate your Life for something will enable you to find ALL your strengths. Strengths that you didn’t knew they existed.
This mindset will ignite you beyond belief and beyond your own boundaries. Because every day isn’t granted, you wake-up grateful and motivated to use the present time as an opportunity to honor your gifts and your legacy!

However, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll succeed! But it does guarantee that, whatever happens, Glory – living fully aligned with your purpose, is already yours! Your Life is a living example that others can look at and be inspired to start their own journeys!

Write down, that you’re ready to give your Life for _________________________

Now it’s up to you!

You can let this be just another post or you can use this opportunity to use the paper you have as the start of an empowering Prophecy you’re creating for your Life! The choice is yours.

If you’re looking for some more insights about how you can implement The Three Steps, you can watch the video below:

Share in the comments bellow, what you’ve written or (better yet) the results you’re getting!

If you feel that this post can make a difference in people’s lives, share it using the buttons bellow!

P.S: I’m working on our first online training course called Prophecy that will expand on the concepts you just read. If you’re interested in knowing more about it, just add your e-mail bellow so I can keep you updated!

Are you a Winner or a Champion?

Skip to video!

“We are the Winners… my friend!”

Those are some very powerful words that the legendary Freddie Mercury sings and that virtually everyone in the World knows.

Wait a second…

It’s not “We are the Winners” is it? Oh! That’s right! It’s “We are the CHAMPIONS“!

What made Freddie choose the word Champion instead of Winner? Was it a coincidence? As a student of Life, I’m not allowed to believe in coincidences so…

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” Vince Lombardi [Tweet this]

That quote from Vince Lombardi really resonates with Winners. For them winning is the only thing that matters because they attach who they are with the outcome of a competition.

Before going further, let me be clear about one thing: winning IS fun and feels a lot better than losing! Who wants to lose, right?

But could winning really be THE only thing that matters?

Not for a Champion!

So, the question is…

What’s the difference between a Winner and a Champion?

For a Winner nothing else matters besides winning. He believe that if he wins, then he’s a winner. If he loses then he believes that he’s a loser. He attaches who he is to what he achieves that’s why winning is the outcome he seeks.

For a Champion there’s a WHOLE World of things that matter besides winning. In spite of wanting to win, he doesn’t attach his self-worth to the outcome of any competition. Becoming the master of his full potential is the outcome he seeks. Winning is just the result of that outcome.

A Winner will stop at nothing to win. The ends justify the means. Not for a Champion.
A Champion knows that if he wins at the cost of his honor, he didn’t win. Why? Because it’s about his legacy! A legacy is built under the pillars of integrity.

A Winner sees shame in defeat. A Champion sees a chance to learn, to grow and evolve beyond what he already knew.
A Champion honors his legacy with every action, with every effort and with every breath. A Champion can lose a battle without losing his honor.

A Winner sees his opponent as his enemy. A Champion sees no opponent but himself. He understands that the only person that can prevent him from using all his potential is himself. He knows where the real competition is.

A Winner only plays to win. A Champion plays to send a message.

[Tweet this]

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” Arnold Schwarzenegger [Tweet this]

A Winner will quit if he believes that he can win tomorrow.
A Champion never retreats and never surrenders. He’s willing to live and die for his legacy. And it’s that willingness to give ALL he is to his journey, that makes him become what he already is: outstanding.
He also knows that he might not have tomorrow and the only moment he has granted is NOW!

“There is always some kid who may be seeing me for the first or last time, I owe him my best.” Joe DiMaggio [Tweet this]

A Winner is only happy when he wins. A Champion finds happiness and joy in everything that happens on the journey because those feelings come from living aligned with his purpose. They know how to use ANY emotion to move them closer to where they want to be. Closer to who they want to become.

A Winner is driven to become the best in the World. A Champion is driven to become the best that he can be!
If he really is the best in the World, winning will come naturally. If he’s not the best (yet) and still tries to beat the best, it’s his EGO that’s getting in the way. It’s like when you eat all you can but still try to eat more… What’s that called?

A Winner is satisfied if he wins. A Champion is only satisfied if he was able to shine ALL his light!.

A Winner lets his competitors set the standards for him. A Champion doesn’t let anyone but himself to set the standards for his Life. No one has higher standards than himself. No one expects more from him than himself.

A Winner is afraid of losing. A Champion is more afraid of not giving all he’s got than all his other fears combined. That’s the reason he uses to start anything worthwhile!

“Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday.” Wilma Rudolph quotes (First American woman Runner to win three gold medals at a single Olympics. 1940-1994) [Tweet this]

A Winner sees winning as the reward. A Champion sees his whole journey, to become ALL he can be, as the reward.

How can you use the Champion mindset?

Being a Champion isn’t something you become when you win a competition. It’s not about a trophy either. Being a Champion starts within you. It’s a mindset. A way of Life. Winning is just a manifestation of who you are.
Winning it’s the inevitable outcome when you finally became ALL you are destined to be. And there’s no bigger victory that winning over our own limitations and boundaries.

Now, do you remember the “Raise the BAR” post? On that post, I showed you how your Beliefs determine the Actions you take, and how those influence the Results you got.

The trick to raise the BAR is to keep that loop reinforcing itself in a positive way.
For a Winner, keeping that loop going it’s a tough thing to do, because he can only do that using one of the three types of Results we can get:

  • Good results – we love them, don’t we? That’s why we call them Success. It’s when you get what you want.
  • Bad results – we don’t like these so much… That’s why we call them Adversity.
  • No results – these can be even worse because they don’t tell you anything…

Guess what’s the only result a Winner is able to use to raise the BAR… That’s right – Good results!

Now, let me ask you one thing: how many successful people do you know that only got good results in their lives?

“I’ve never met a successful person, nor have you, who’s been successful without facing adversity” – Harvey Mackay [Tweet this]

If you can successfully master the Champion mindset you will triple your power, not only to raise the BAR but also to start living a Life worth dying for, faster!

“I remember playing in a Pro Bowl under Vince Lombardi and he gave us 10 plays to run- 5 runs and 5 passes. I said, “Coach Lombardi- 10 plays!?!?! Do you think we’re stupid or something?”
Lombardi said, “No- we run 10 plays. We run these 10 plays against any team and any defense. We win because we execute these 10 plays better than anyone can defend them.
I went back after the game and cut my playbook in half. You have to learn from others- in sports, business and life.” – Fran Tarkenton (Hall of Fame QB)

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Why you MUST shine ALL your light To WIN

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I believe that the reason why we’re alive is to shine all our light!

“What light are you talking about?”

Every time you reach within to find your God-given talents and share them with the World, you’re shinning your light in the World. However, to really shine ALL your light, you have to be willing to master those talents.

“Sure… and why should I care?”

You should care if you’re serious about fulfilling your meaningful purpose in Life! If you feel that it’s a MUST for you, not something you should do, the ONLY way to do that is by allowing your light to fully shine in the World.

We’re not much different than the stars in the Universe… Just like every star, we have the opportunity to shine before we die.
But unlike stars, we can decide for what are we willing to live and die for. And there’s also another thing that sets us apart: we can inspire each other to shine brighter than ever!

“Love it! How can I start shinning?”

The first thing you must do is to be prepared for not pleasing everybody!

Stop being a people-pleaser (like I was)!

I had a powerful reason to be a people-pleaser. I’m sure everyone has their own reasons. But for me it was my LOVE for unleashing people’s full potential, so they can grow and win in Life. Now you see why I created The Rabbit Way: to help dreamers who are tired of being slaves of someone else’s dream , to become all that they can be, so they can start living a life worth dying for.

The fastest way I’ve found to help others win was for me to lose by not shinning all my light… And this isn’t fair for two reasons:

  • It isn’t fair for them because I’m not giving them a chance to learn from what I do and grow
  • It isn’t fair for me because, if I kept doing that I wouldn’t stay in business for long and it would prevent me from helping you with The Rabbit Way

“Got it! But how can I stop being one?”

Make a decision about what you stand for!

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Winston Churchill [Tweet this]

You have to make the most powerful decision of your Life: decide, with absolute certainty, for what you want to stand for!

For what are you willing to live and die?

What are the values that will guide your journey!

Why is it a MUST for you?

How shinning all your light will benefit others?

Value your integrity!

“If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” Harvey Mackay [Tweet this]

Integrity is the root of trust. In business, and in Life, there’s five letters that will determine how successful you’re going to be and the glory you’ll reach: T. R. U. S. T!

You know the famous sales quote, that I’ve heard first from Bob Burg?

“All things being equal, people buy from those they know, like and trust” [Tweet this]

That’s absolutely true. It doesn’t matter how bright your light is if people doubt the source! People can take everything away from you except your integrity and your glory – which is being willing to live and die for your legacy!

Honor your God-given talents!

“Your talents if God’s gift to you. What you do with them is your gift back to God” Leo Buscaglia [Tweet this]

How would you feel if you gave an extraordinary present to a friend of yours and he didn’t use it? It even doesn’t have to be an expensive one! Even a book you believe that will make a positive difference in your friend’s life, will upset you if they don’t value it enough to open that gift, right?

It’s the same thing with God. Dreams are God’s way of reminding us of our purpose. And He didn’t gave you your talents so you can’t use them. He gave you those talents so you can fulfill your purpose!

But let alone God for a minute… Think about yourself for a second: wouldn’t it be a waste to not use your talents? Yes or No? And wouldn’t it also be a selfish thing to do, not sharing those talents with the World? Yes or No?

“Yes! But what’s in it for me?”

I don’t want you to make this decision for the reward. I want you to do this because that’s who you are! But I also don’t want you to feel that there’s nothing good for you from this deal.

So here are a some benefits that you’ll enjoy on your journey:

  • you’ll feel better about yourself
  • you’ll feel more free to be who you really are
  • you’ll feel more fulfilled by using all your talents
  • you’ll become more unique and you’ll stand out from the crowd
  • others will respect you more for it
  • others will be inspired to follow your example
  • others will be upset and stressed about it. They’re also known, in the business worlds, as your competition.

But you and I know where the real competition is and how we can leverage it, don’t we?

“Actually no… Where is it?”

What’s the most powerful force you know? A lion? A volcano eruption? A nuclear bomb?

Actually, there’s one force that surround us that’s more powerful than all of the previous combined: THe Universe.

Let’s see what the Universe can teach us about competition.

The Universe has no opponents. See no opponents!

…except yourself.

You’re the only person in the World that can prevent you from becoming ALL that you can be!

Focusing only on your opponent is really a competition for our EGO and it takes away our focus on who we can really change and grow: ourselves!

In a post called “How you can use any emotion to motivate you (and others)“, I introduced you to the founder of Aikido – Morihei Ueshiba, a true Master not only of that Martial Art but of Life. He believed that bushido – The Way of the Warrior, was not about The Art of War but The Art of Peace.

His goal at all times was to defeat his opponents before the fight even begins! Now, wouldn’t that be fantastic if we could use it in our business and Life? The good news is that we can. Here’s how:

Opponents confront us continually, but actually there is no opponent there. Do not stare into the eyes of your opponent: he may mesmerize you. Do not fix your gaze on his sword: he may intimidate you. Do not focus on your opponent at all: he may absorb your energy. The essence of training is to bring your opponent completely into your sphere. Then you can stand where you like. – Morihei Ueshiba [Tweet this]

It starts by understanding that we are in control our ourselves at all times. Then, we start seeing our opponents not as enemies, but as forces of energy that we can redirect and use to move us closer to where we want to be. The goal is not to fight but to embrace them. Learn from them. Adapt with them.

The easiest way I’ve found to talk about this was through a quote I’ve found:

“When tempted to fight fire with fire remember that the fire department usually uses water” – Unknonw [Tweet this]

The Universe exists in balance. Be in balance!

Our opponents actions against us are destined to fail because they come from an unbalanced state. The same goes to our actions if we try to attack those actions.

When we are in a state of peace everything is much more clearer. When we flow on our journey everything becomes easier.

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” ? Bruce Lee [Tweet this]

The warrior who has no fear besides the fear of settling for less that he can be, is the one to be feared.

The warrior who doesn’t lose his balance in spite of his opponents actions, is the one to be considered a Master.

The warrior who inspires others on a journey of Love instead of Hate, is the one to be respected for he will change the World.

The Universe has no boundaries. Have no limits!

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” Henry Ford [Tweet this]

There’s no telling of what you can achieve.

NOTHING is impossible… unless you believe it is. [Tweet this]

The history of humanity is filled with examples of people who turned the impossible into possible by first believing: I’m possible! [Tweet this]

I believe that the real competition is about tapping into ALL our potential and go beyond our own boundaries. This is aligned with the original Olympic Spirit!

The true Olympic spirit isn’t about who gets the most medals but about celebrating those who have transcend their limitations and beliefs about what they can or can’t do!

Can you finish in first place and still lose?

YES! If you lost your integrity to do that, for me that isn’t winning. The recent Lance Armstrong events prove that…

Can you finish in last place and still win?

Yes! Just watch the video below…

Ready for the “Shine ALL your Light” challenge?

I hope that this post helped you become more prepared to shine ALL your light and change the World. But all this doesn’t matter if you don’t apply it in your Life!

So, my challenge for you is simple but powerful: share in the comments bellow how are you shinning all your light and the results you’re getting!

Also, if this strategy resonated with you in anyway and you feel that it can help others, feel free to share it on your favorite social networks bellow!

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